In SVN under scenes/ there are two files, environment.blend and default.blend.


This file dynamically links with all the static world geometry (building, crates, boilers, etc.) as well as placing lighting. If you wish to change the environment this is the place to do it; your changes will propogate to any linked files.


This file dynamically links with environment.blend as well as all the animatable stuff like the robot, machine, tennis racket and tennis ball. This is really just a template and shouldn't be changed (why would you need to change it?)

Starting a Scene

To start a scene, copy default.blend and name it something descriptive (e.g. scene5.blend). This scene will contain the environment and link with all the other models (though you can't see them.) Changes you make to the robot, machine, tennis ball and tennis racket are local to your file.

Adding Objects

The environment should already be added, but to add one of the other objects, go Add->Group and select the appropriate model (I named them all descriptively). The model will appear wherever the 3D cursor is placed in the world. The easiest way though is just to duplicate an object already in the world (Shift-D).

Changing Source Objects

For all the environmental objects (single objects), changing the original object source file will automatically change the object in the linked version. This is true in general for the machine and robot too, except any new objects added to the model will need to be explictly added to the scenes.

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