Project Ideas

Keep in mind

  • Action should generally take place in one location
  • Every object you describe we have to model

Mr. Analog vs. Mr. Digital

Chris, please write your summary here.

Tennis match

A bipedal robot is practicing his tennis swing against a tennis ball machine that suddenly comes alive and starts returning the balls. Setting could be a make shift court consisting of broken drywall as a net in a derelict industrial building.

Game of Go with annoyances

A game of Go is being played by two people exchanging a couple moves while in deep thought. Then a mosquito starts annoying one person who believes they are losing the game. It lands on the board and the person, now focused only on killing it, smashes it with a Go stone and lets go with a grin. He then realizes that he made a really bad move and flips the board over. Alternate ending: that move, despite being an amateur, was the best move and the professional resigned the game. Since players are sitting, no walking animations are required and so it might be possible to do it with humans instead of robots. Facial animation would be the emphasis.

Evil robot tries to destroy the world by unplugging it

An evil robot climbs over many obstacles to reach the world's plug which would turn off the world. Does he succeed or does he fail?

The Curious Robot

Robot wakes up out of some sort of deep sleep (buried underground or under debris? deactivated?) and finds himself in an abandoned industrial complex which has since been overgrown with forest life. He explores the surroundings, trying to find a way out or reach a point that will give him more insight as to where he is (an ultimate goal of conquering his surroundings) or maybe reactivating the machinery of the factory (an ultimate goal of survival). Along the way he gets in various man vs. environment situations (tripping on a mess of vines, violent plant life, dangerous derelict machinery, etc). Ultimately he achieves his goal, but in doing so there's some sort of twist (getting outside we realize that the complex is inside a bustling city centre, the complex generates something superfluous and useless in the environment like a fabergé egg, etc).

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