Meeting 03

We are a bit behind so we should pick up the pace. This week we need to try animating and linking our work together so we can identify any problems.

Model changes


  • torso should be slimmer and more rounded; looks fat right now
  • needs texturing
  • missing arm & head bands
  • collar needs to be redone (start with circle?)
  • apply subsurf and smoothing to head
  • add extruded shape to head like in concept art
  • rigging needs more constraints


  • texturing needs to be completed
  • tennis balls need to fill top
  • evil red eye glow


  • make barrel texture lighter
  • make chair wooden (optional)


  • pillars should have consistent textures
  • change grass texture to painted lines on cement floor
  • brick walls look odd due to tiling, try a different texture
  • cannot view textures; please pack texture data in blend file

Tennis racket

  • cannot view textures; please pack texture data in blend file

Tennis ball

  • material is too shiny; is it possible to add fuzz?

Action items

  • Bronson and Justin will try to use motion capture data. If by the end of the week we do not get the motion capture data working we will stop pursuing it.
  • Bronson should book a motion capture session with Ted just in case.
  • Bronson is going to help Chris with rigging by asking his animator friend.
  • Ryan is going to look into symbolically linking objects into a default scene blend file. This includes checking to see if an object is updated outside the scene file, will the changes be propagated to other files?
    • The suggestion is to create a default scene and then create another scene that links to that scene so we can add background objects and all scenes are updated.
  • Chris gets SVN working asap or uses school computer

Animation division

  • Scene 3: Justin (after do Scene 1 and then 2)
  • Scene 4: Eric & Chris
  • Scene 5 & 6: Bronson & Ryan
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