Meeting 02

Storyboard approval

  • Chris is working on his storyboard parts and will be approved over email.
  • Change Scene 4 Shot 7 to a window being broken
  • Storyboard approved

Concept art approval

  • Eric is working on the robot concept art and will be approved over email.
  • Concept art approved

Actionable items:

  • Bronson sends an email to Richard and Andrea with this website address.
  • Chris and Eric create a modeling standard
  • Justin will specifics of each prop (maybe with a sketch?)
  • Modeling tasks were assigned and located on Schedule
  • Eric needs to setup subversion


Ryan - okay lets get started
Ryan - so agenda is: 1) Approve work done on storyboard and concepts 2) Figure out what needs to be done for modelling
Ryan - give everyone a moment to look at the conceps and storyboards uploaded
Justin - I actually read the story board this time around, and it looks pretty good to me
Eric - The robot concept art isn't done yet, fyi. I'll get that done as soon as possible.
Eric - (the sketch is good enough for now)
Justin - I was just wondering about that
Justin - Well I had made suggestions to Eric's robot
Justin - So I approve on the storyboard at least
Eric - I don't imagine it will change much. I don't see your comments on the wiki.
Justin - We had talked on MSN
Eric - Remind me again?
Ryan - one thing I remember me and Bronson discussing was where the control panel on the machine should be. Bronson: is having it on the back going to be a problem?
Ryan - i think we worked around it
Eric - You mean so it could be hit?
Ryan - originally we were going to have that but I think the storyboard no longer has that part
Ryan - so it's ok
Bronson - not at all Ryan.. the control panel can be placed anywhere. In the final shot to scene 4 I have a split-screen concept to show both the tennis machine's setting changing and the light glowing red (like from HAL9000)
Ryan - OK sounds good
Ryan - Chris: were you able to get the first couple scene storyboards done?
Eric - Right it's going to change from behing hit.
Justin - What we had talked about was proportions to make it more endearing to the viewer as opposed to just some generic robot. Thinner limbs or a bigger head or a bigger torso or something
Eric - right I think we talked about that in person
Justin - Something to go along with it's personality
Eric - Yeah I'm planning to make him look a bit more weak.
Chris466 - That's the thing. As it turns out, those papers I thought was due friday was due wednesday. So I was working on thise until midnight.
Chris466 - I don'e have any updates, I was going to have to do it all today.
Justin - I'd like to see that before I give the okay on the robot concept art. The tennis machine is looking pretty good though
Eric - Okay, the approval for the robot will be done over email once I get it done. Same with Chris' storyboard.
Ryan - can we say we tentatively approve with changes?
Eric - sure
Bronson - sure
Justin - But what if we want something changed still?
Justin - Saying we tentatively approve it is akin to saying we don't care how it turns out
Eric - I think things will change slightly when we actually model it.
Bronson - We need either 4/5 or majority (3/5)
Chris466 - Well, you've already an idea of the direction i'm taking my storyboard.
Ryan - well there's a point where we just have to go with it
Ryan - any changes are minor, no?
Eric - yeah ideally unless we hit a problem with modeling or animating.
Ryan - I think you guys can go back and forth on the details until you get something you like
Justin - Alright, I guess we don't have the luxury of the time to get everything perfect anyway.
Ryan - but the rest of us are mostly happy with the design, and can trust your judgement on the details?
Chris466 - Yeah. Sorry I don't have anything for you guys. If we have to change it after I can always go back and replace panels.
Justin - I've given my ideas and I guess I'll say good enough for what we need it for
Justin - So I'll sign off on it
Ryan - it's OK Chris, we still have the main storyboard outline to use
Eric - Bronson did you add some stuff?
Ryan - but I'd say get the detailed view done as soon as possible
Eric - Oh I see that's an optional shot
Chris466 - Will do
Ryan - okay so we all approve the concepts with minor changes
Ryan - how about the storyboard
Eric - I'm still looking through everything
Bronson - Eric: Yes. Some of these ideas came out when we did our first draft on the weekend. And marked several as (optional) because they are not necessary.
Bronson - Eric: and not everything was discussed as a group to we lumped those under optional
Eric - The bouncing off the light I don't remember being there.
Eric - The roof is quite high so you might want to replace it with hitting another object.
Bronson - It's just a scene to show what happens to the second ball that that robot hits… adding some comedy to the robot's warm up would be nice
Bronson - so it can be changed
Ryan - we did discuss it could be any sort of environment reaction
Ryan - light bulb seemed the most obvious
Ryan - could be breaking a window or something as well
Eric - Yeah that sounds good
Ryan - any other comments regarding the storyboard?
Ryan - technical feasibility?
Eric - I think scene 10 or 11 should be required (the slow motion shot of the ball that hits the machine)
Ryan - I'm looking at Bronson'
Bronson - Sure. It can be required
Ryan - frames, thats scene 4, shot 11
Ryan - ?
Eric - sorry that's what I meant
Justin - It all seemed pretty straight forward to me. It's mostly bouncing balls and maybe a glowing effect for when the machine gets hot, doesn't seem like it's technically a huge feat
Bronson - I only mentioned the slow-motion part on the close-up of the racket hitting the ball.. but we can put it into other areas
Bronson - I'm fine with that
Ryan - yeah slow motion is something we could add to taste where it fits
Eric - I think it is important to differentiate that shot from the rest.
Bronson - Scene 4, Shots 10 & 11 sort of go together.. But we can make 11 the only required shot (using slow motion effect)… if we add 10 as well then I highly recommend haveing that iwth slow-mo as well.
Eric - Other than those suggestions I made I approve of the storyboard.
Ryan - Agreed.
Eric - It is quite a bit of animation though which is my only concern. But there are 5 of us so it should be doable. We've set up everything to minimize risk.
Eric - I looked into particle systems in blender and I think we can use them for shooting tennis balls.
Chris466 - Yeah. Like I said we'll do something minimal at first and then build on that, to mitigate risk.
Eric - A particle system with rigid body physics will be used to represent the balls in the tennis machine.
Ryan - OK
Ryan - any other comments before we move on to planning the next steps?
Eric - I think the environment needs to be worked out when buliding it.
Eric - No complaints as of now though.
Justin - So just general placements to make it look better when perspectives are all set, right?
Justin - Not like a huge overhaul or anything I hope
Eric - Nope shouldn't be a problem.
Eric - I'm ready to move on.
Chris466 - Same here
Ryan - ok
Bronson - all good here
Ryan - so the next step is the modelling of all the components
Ryan - Justin, you said you had a list of identified models?
Justin - Of which I've kindly composed a nice list of things n such
Justin - The easiest thing was characters. Obviously we need a Robot and a Ball Machine. I thought it might be nice to have forest life skittering away in the opening scenes, but obviously that requires a lot of time that we probably won't have
Chris466 - Yeah, true.
Justin - Other than that, it's environment and props. Props are easy too: chairs, buckets, barrels, boxes, machines and tools, books, and plants pushing through the ground
Justin - The only thing I don't really already have set out in detail are tools, but it shouldn't be too hard to make a wrench and a generic gieger counter like device
Justin - And everything's pretty low-poly
Eric - we need those?
Ryan - they are just lying around
Justin - Just to be scattered around
Justin - yeah
Chris466 - Magazines, cans, barrels and boxes would by far be the easiest to add in
Eric - alright
Chris466 - Modeling wise anyhow
Justin - Plants are easy too if they're out of focus. 3 planes rotated around the stalk
Ryan - after this meeting, would you be able to put that on the wiki? A new section I'd suppose
Ryan - we probably want to identify what, a link to any available concept or reference and and the priority/difficulty
Justin - Then comes the environment. The building itself shouldn't be too difficult other than finding textures and the glass. The floor's kind of shiny and scuffed and that's about all the concern for the structure of the building
Justin - Just like a list of everything I'm talking about now you mean?
Ryan - yeah
Eric - throw it up here:
Ryan - actually if it's just copy paste, do it now and we can use it to figure out who is doing what
Justin - And last is the growth of the building. This I'm not so sure on. Easiest way would just be an overlay on top of the textures I guess. The stuff like the vines on the walls and coming through the windows and the root coming through the ceiling. Roots are pretty easy in blender
Justin - Alright, give me a second and I'll put this all in
Eric - For those random objects like wrenches and stuff we should list the most important ones and then if there is time add more.
Ryan - yeah
Justin - There
Ryan - alright
Justin - I think the only thing that's really critical are machines and boxes, the biggest filler
Eric - Missing the tennis net
Justin - Oh right
Eric - Also that boiler tank you drew
Eric - I guess that's "machines"
Justin - I figured that fell under machines
Justin - Yeah, I could list them all if you want
Eric - Please do
Justin - Okay
Ryan - at some point, maybe not right now we need a detailed checklist of what needs to get done
Bronson - When do we want to start modelling all this stuff? Can we at least assign people to the most important items now?
Eric - that's the plan
Justin - I think we should start with what's core
Justin - What can we absolutely not do without
Justin - Obviously the characters
Eric - Building, Robot, Tennis machine, Tennis net.
Ryan - the characters and the minimal environment
Chris466 - Just a model without animation for now?
Ryan - yes
Ryan - "animatable" but not animated
Eric - Rigging included
Justin - So just the building structure and tennis net out of environments then?
Ryan - I'd say so yes
Ryan - those are priority 1
Ryan - we could even start animation with only those
Justin - Alright, all tagged with a 1
Ryan - all the other ones are secondary, probably not much more detail is needed for priority
Justin - What's priority 2 and 3 then? I think we only really need 3 levels
Bronson - most of those are #2, the only 3 i see are vines/roots
Ryan - oh yeah those would be a different level
Eric - 2 should add to the scene a lot, 3 should be just minor details
Ryan - there's background objects, and background edetail
Chris466 - Well, Scene and 2 should be priorority 2
Chris466 - Pretty much anything that's detail really
Ryan - yeah
Ryan - I'd say chairs, buckets, all other props are priority 2, environmental details (windows, vines, roots) are priority 3
Justin - Don't you think having windows would greatly impact the scene?
Chris466 - same with adding in cracks to the court and whatnot.
Eric - we have light going through them
Chris466 - Yes: It would change the lighting of the whole building
Ryan - they are barely visible in any shots
Eric - The light hitting scene is now a window breaking scene, but you're right.
Ryan - but if you think so, bump the priority
Eric - I think priority 2
Eric - I doubt it will be that hard
Justin - I actually had it in my head the opposite of what Ryan said. I think having a more sparse area is fine as long as the feel of the environment is there
Justin - ie the vines and windows and such
Justin - Excluding the big things like boxes and machines, otherwise it's just a huge empty warehouse
Justin - So my list would be something like 2: boxes, machines, windows, vines; 3: buckets, chairs, tools, etc etc
Justin - Am I crazy? No one's saying anything
Ryan - okay yeah, include the boxes and machines in 2
Chris466 - Yeah
Eric - I agree with Justin except I'd put the vines in 3.
Ryan - that's fine with me, when I said props I was mostly thinking of those
Ryan - in all honesty we could probably replace any small prop like a wrench with a simple textured quad and it wouldn't really change anything visually
Eric - I'm not sold on the idea that we need to clutter the environment but that's why they are in 3.
Eric - Anyways these are details.
Justin - So it comes down to where we want vines and roots and the various overgrowth on the building? Should it be in league with the major filler of the room or the "nice to have" details like the clutter?
Eric - I think it is important so high up on number 3.
Chris466 - Yeah, I'd agree.
Justin - Wait 3 is high?
Eric - No, first priority after completing 2.
Ryan - 2.5
Justin - Ah
Ryan - let's do that then
Bronson - 1,2,2.5,3
Justin - There, refresh it
Justin - How's that look?
Ryan - looks good to me
Eric - sure
Bronson - done
Justin - Done and done. Now the bigger question. Who's doing what and when
Chris466 - yep
Eric - Chris, have you animated a character before?
Bronson - top 4: robot, ball machine, building (is this only internal, or exteral as well?), tennis net
Eric - building is only internal
Justin - I don't think we have an external anymore
Chris466 - Yeah, I have
Eric - Did you want to do the robot?
Justin - I think the easy choices are Eric on characters and myself on Environment. It looks like Chris might be a good asset to characters as well
Chris466 - Sure. It should be pretty easy, just all moving parts.
Eric - I'd like to do one of the characters, so since Chris is doing the robot I'll do the machine.
Justin - Deal
Bronson - so that leaves teh machines and boxes to ryan and me
Bronson - and lots of the extras…
Justin - I think we should ignore priority 3 for now
Ryan - yeah ignore priority 3
Chris466 - We've actually set things up so everything's simple to animate. Only the swelling turret will require something that's not a translation
Ryan - we forgot the racket
Eric - ah
Chris466 - Probably because of that we may want to make that detail priority 3 too.
Ryan - it does separate from the robot at a point so it's separate
Ryan - racket is priority 1 as well
Justin - Alright, I'll put that in under props
Justin - And balls. Even if it's done with a particle system, is that not a prop?
Eric - correct
Ryan - yeah prop too
Justin - Alright, so Bronson, Ryan, and I are on environment and props then, right?
Eric - I'm filling in the schedule for this phase now. This is what I have so far:
Eric - Robot: Chris Tennis Machine: Eric Building: Justin Tennis racket & tennis ball: ?? Tennis net: ??
Eric - Core modeling only as of now.
Ryan - I could do racket and ball
Justin - I could take the net, it's pretty simple stuff
Chris466 - The racket'll be easy enough to model. We'll need to look into cloth mechanics for the net
Ryan - the net is part of environment I'd think?
Chris466 - Or want to anyhow. We can do it without it getting hit
Ryan - the net as we were discussing was little more than a cable or something?
Ryan - the ball never hits the net
Justin - Yeah
Chris466 - Alright
Justin - Make a curve and tie a polygon to it, then put a textured plane under it
Eric - We should create a net, we don't want too different from an actual court.
Ryan - okay, well even if it is an actual net, is it waving around?
Eric - nope
Ryan - it can be part of environment then?
Ryan - as justin said, polygon + texture
Eric - I think it should be higher rez since it's visible in a lot of shots.
Justin - It'd pretty much just be a higher res texture. There's no reason to detail every wire of the mesh
Chris466 - Looks like it would be easy enough in nurbs
Eric - Justin, did you want to take care of the net then?
Justin - Yeah, sure
Eric - alright so what about Bronson's tasks then?
Bronson - i can do the building or the machines…
Justin - You should take the building because I don't want to :P
Ryan - okay, should me and Bronson handle Racket and Ball (first) and then start working on Priority 2
Bronson - sure
Ryan - okay
Eric - Alright
Bronson - so i'll start with racket ball with ryan then move to building.. is that how it goes?
Justin - So that's it for priority 1 objects right?
Ryan - you should start on building I think, it's priority 1 as well
Bronson - k
Justin - Updated the priority 1 stuff with names
Ryan - okay then, that should be it for who is doing what
Justin - Should we assign P2 stuff?
Ryan - when you are done your top priority stuff, move on to P2
Bronson - give me the window stuff
Justin - Or is it just first come first server?
Justin - Good call
Bronson - might as well stick with the same
Ryan - not sure if it's worth scheduling because who knows how long something will take
Eric - Excuse the wikidot formatting. This is what I have so far:
Eric - ++ Phase 3: Modeling (due ??) Priority 1 Robot: Chris Tennis Machine: Eric Building & Net: Justin Tennis racket & tennis ball: Ryan & Bronson Secondary Priority 2 objects: Ryan & Bronson will get to this first. Rigging characters
Chris466 - I could help rig then
Justin - I might get to P2 as well, I only have the net to do. Then again I have no experience in Blender so who knows
Eric - I figure we will rig our own models.
Ryan - that makes sense to me
Eric - Justin, aren't you doing the building?
Bronson - nope
Eric - you are?
Bronson - *waves hand*
Eric - ok
Justin - Bronson said he'd take that, I was looking more toward the machines
Justin - I could help with the building if it's not done yet
Justin - Like the ceiling or something
Bronson - sure.. i'm starting with walls cause iwthout that the ceiling will collapse
Bronson - :P
Justin - Hehe
Eric - Bronson = building, Ryan = Ball & Racket, Justin = Net?
Justin - Net and helping Bronson after that with the building
Ryan - okay then, so are we good with scheduling?
Justin - Sounds like it
Ryan - okay
Justin - Are we doing all this P1 stuff by next wednesday then?
Eric -
Bronson - do we have any kind of schedule for it?
Justin - Or less or more?
Eric - I think 2 weeks is necessary
Eric - At least for Chris and I.
Chris466 - I'd agree with that
Ryan - I imagine characters will require more
Justin - Alright. I think we might be able to get more done in 2 weeks, but I dunno for sure
Justin - I mean we as in not character guys
Ryan - 2 weeks to get everything we hope to do, so some of us will be onto P2 and P3
Bronson - yes i think with 2 weeks all the #2 stuff could be done
Justin - Alright
Eric - Yeah I imagine we can get all of P1 and P2 done.
Bronson - and our stuff with it
Ryan - that sounds reasonable
Justin - All of us environment people are in 475, right?
Ryan - that' strue
Bronson - yup
Eric - I suggest we make it June 19 (Friday)
Justin - By then we could try to have P1 done and talk about divying up P2
Ryan - sure
Justin - And if it's not then discuss it all then and what we'll do about it
Eric - I'll setup subversion in the comming days
Ryan - the last thing I wanted to talk about was modelling standards
Justin - And I agree with Eric's date
Ryan - specifically appointing someone to make them
Justin - I nominate Ryan
Ryan - I don't have the experience with modelling to do it myself
Justin - Damnit
Ryan - the only thing I have is a consistent scale needs to be decided upon
Ryan - so we don't have tennis rackets 4 times the size of the character
Justin - Hehe
Eric - Can't we resize?
Chris466 - We can always just scale down?
Ryan - but then it's arbitrary and done by eye
Eric - Select all.. scale tool?
Chris466 - Uniform scale down.?
Eric - I don't think we can avoid this.
Ryan - if we have a consistent scale we can
Ryan - 1 unit is 1m
Eric - oh that's what you meant, yeah that's fine.
Justin - Someone should get these down on the wiki somewhere
Ryan - someone should be in charge of making a list of important stuff to follow
Eric - Chris, do you have enough experience to do that?
Ryan - I nominate Chris or Eric
Ryan - I guess there aren't any polygon limits or anything?
Chris466 - Modelling standards? Sure.
Ryan - reasonable number of polygons? but what's reasonable?
Chris466 - W+Actually.
Ryan - stuff like that
Chris466 - You don't want to use polygons
Ryan - like I said, I don't know
Chris466 - Unless it's for something specifically sharp and angular. Most anything is done in nurbs.
Chris466 - So its' smoothened out
Eric - You can apply subdivision on polymodels and it's smooth too
Bronson - does anyone want the videos eric or myself have downloaded
Bronson - lots of great tips/tricks in them
Eric - I want the videos
Justin - So basically polygons for everything that aren't characters :P
Chris466 - Yeah, but we may as well just work with curves anyhow in that case.
Ryan - anything else we need to discuss?
Ryan - Have we sent the site to Richard and Andrea?
Eric - I'll work with Chris on the 3d standards.
Ryan - ok]
Eric - I think we need to take the storyboards and put it into a more presentable form before we send it to them.
Eric - Right now you have to click on each one.
Justin - Ryan's is just one big image
Ryan - no
Justin - I think it was Ryan's
Justin - …one of them was
Ryan - Mine are per page
Chris466 - I was planing on doing mine in parts, one for each scene
Ryan - there's a template
Eric - Someone should create an animatics (video) with a voice explaining each scene.
Ryan - but Eric is saying to put it onto a big one for sending in
Eric - We should determine how long the animation is and timing of each scene (approximately).
Eric - I don't have the time or I'd do it.
Ryan - well either way we need to wait until all the storyboard scenes are in
Ryan - I worry about waiting too long, he did say this week if possible
Eric - By Monday we should.
Bronson - do we need an actual video for that or can a text file explaining stuff in more detail work?
Eric - Perhaps the best way for feedback is if someone shows it to him in his office hours.
Bronson - i can formalize it into a word doc
Ryan - that might be useful
Chris466 - Yeah
Eric - agreed, thanks.
Ryan - and a rough estimate of the shot length
Ryan - you have a good idea of the flow
Eric - Can someone show it to him on Monday in his office hours? Or is this not necessary?
Ryan - He said we could just email the site, so if it's on there
Eric - alright
Bronson - well lets just email him the site as it is now
Bronson - and see if he asks for more
Ryan - there is a rought outline of the storyboard so it should be okay
Ryan - unless there is any objections, I adjourn this meeting
Bronson - personally, i think the way we have been handling this we are right on schedule for everything
Ryan - agreed
Justin - I concur
Bronson - Chris? Eric?
Bronson - are we good with everything then
Bronson - seems pretty clear… who is email Richard?
Chris466 - I'm fine with what we have
Eric - sorry had to take a call, I'mb ack
Bronson - i can email Richard our site and explain our plans.. and direct him to the points of interesting
Eric - No problems here.
Bronson - storyboard
Ryan - ok then
Eric - One question, those changes suggested to the storyboard, are those going to be updated?
Ryan - with the broken window
Bronson - the major on was the light being hit getting replaced with a window breaking if i'm not mistaken
Bronson - i could do a resketch if it's necessary
Bronson - but the scan won't be posted until monday after i rescan from school
Eric - Also the slow motion shot
Eric - Minor changes but it would be good if you could update them.
Justin - I'm going to go grab something to eat. I've been starving this entire meeting
Bronson - #10 is not required
Ryan - justin: me too
Bronson - oops
Ryan - heading out, later
Bronson - is required… ** sorry
Eric - alright

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