Meeting 01

Time: 12:30pm-6:00pm, May 22, 2009
Location: Eric's house (Google map)

Bring to meeting

  • A list of your skills including artistic ability (samples if possible), 3d modeling experience, etc.
  • Target renders which are images or videos that you want to achieve a similar quality
  • Prepare to pitch your ideas (1-3). A storyboard, sketch, etc.


  • Discuss skill set to know what we are capable of doing
  • Pitch ideas

Links to possibly show at the meeting

Eric: (adding and removing may happen)



Modeling, Enivornment, Tech Art Manager, Art Direction, Writer, Animators, Textures, Designer Lighting, Camera

1. Story
2. Art
3. Modeling
4. Layout
5. Shading
6. Animation
7. lighting
8. camera
9. post production.

Phase 0: Organization
Planning phases

Pre-production stage

Phase 1: Story (May 27th)
Complete script
Become familiar with Blender modeling

Phase 2: Storyboard and Art (June 3rd)
Reference images
Concept art for characters
Complete storyboard

Storyboard: Bronson, Chris, Ryan
Concept art: Eric, Justin

Phase 3: Modeling

Install MantisBT

People have other commitments
- schedule - task managers
- communicate
couldn't make iteration
- change scope
- identify as early as possible
model won't animate
- rig & test during modeling phase
technically too hard
- think scalability from the very beginning
- back up plan when doing storyboard (time, skill)
- scalability in design
SVN goes down/computer
- backups (weekly)
OS differences
- blender 2.48
Spliting up scenes
- Link files into scene
- Smart to setup files
- 1 person per scene
- look into svn lock
Inability to have a consistent art style/quality
- Art director
- that's okay
- cite everything

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