Eric Modeling Progress Report

June 19th

I spent about a day reading almost the entire Blender user manual and watching tutorials. With my previous 3D modeling experience I feel confident enough in using the program for modeling. I have committed the tennis machine model in revision 3.

I tried to use a particle system to simulate tennis balls being dropped into the bucket but there might be a bug in Blender 2.48 which prevented collisions from taking place. I tried Blender 2.49 and collisions worked sometimes. I tried objects as particles the emitter was ignored. In the worst case scenario I will position the balls using some other method.

The upper body detail is done except for spacing around the turret so it can rotate. The lower part needs vent detailing which I've tried to do once but ended up removing it. Subsurf modifier went wonky when rendering so I have to look into that too. Beveling edges does not work well with subsurf.

I started to work on the control panel with detailed screws and a start button.

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